About 3rd Coast Contracting

Founded in 2009 by Javid Emami, 3rd Coast Contracting started serving residents in the Clear Lake and Galveston area. Throughout the 2009’s through the next 5 years, 3rd Coast Contracting grew its business from handyman services to residential & commercial remodels. Since 2014, 3rd Coast Contracting has expanded into ground up residential construction and commercial finish outs. Our headquarters is located in Huston, TX. 

In 2009, when Javid Emami founded 3rd Coast Contracting, he drew from more than a decade of real estate and residential construction experience to formulate the company’s core principles:

  • You’re only as good as the people with whom you surround yourself
  • Keep it simple
  • Treat people as you would want to be treated

These core principles have enabled 3rd Coast Contracting to become one of the best contracting companies in the South Texas area and is the foundation for3rd Coast Contracting Philosophy, Culture, and Mission.

The new year comes with new changes as we move from 3rd Coast Contracting to South Coast Construction our values won't change but will grow stronger as we expand into new horizons.

3rd Coast Contracting Philosophy

3rd Coast Contracting has abided by a philosophy towards homebuilding that is founded in its core principles. We believe that a homebuilder should offer customers a straightforward purchase process that is easy to understand and a home that fits their needs from the beginning. Based on these beliefs, 3rd Coast Contracting has formulated a Purchase Process and product offering (see Our Homes) that is aimed at removing the confusion from the new home purchase experience. While some homebuilders have chosen to reduce the features included in their homes with the hope of selling the customer high-priced upgrades, 3rd Coast Contracting believes that value and satisfaction is delivered to the homebuyer by offering a home that includes the features that most homebuyers want. In the words of Javid Emami, “Regardless of price, size, or location, all buyers want their builder to deliver value.”

3rd Coast Contracting Culture

3rd Coast Contracting has a unique outlook towards homebuilding. While many companies have endless manuals and standard procedures by which to operate, 3rd Coast Contracting attempts to limit “red tape” and allow our managers and Team Members to serve the homebuyers’ needs at a local level. Although all companies need some level of structure and procedure, we believe that every situation is not the same and that we have surrounded ourselves with great people who will treat the customer as we would expect to be treated.

3rd Coast Contracting Mission

To deliver value to our customers through a straightforward approach to building quality new homes. An approach that creates a win-win outcome for all parties involved.