Purchase Process

A Seamless Process for Homebuyers

While purchasing a home can be a stressful event, it really should not be; Adams Homes has developed a uniquely straightforward process to alleviate the stress from the purchase process, so our homebuyers can enjoy the purchase and building process. From our included custom home features to our straightforward model home setting, Adams Homes structures its purchase process to remove the confusion and stress. Building your dream home with Adams Homes can be easier and closer than you think.

Finding Your Dream Home

Decide on an Area(s): As a starting point, search for an area(s) that you believe most fits your needs based on your criteria, such as proximity to work, entertainment, family, friends, and desired schools. Community specific information for Adams Homes’ communities can be found on the community web pages by selecting an area from the links below.

Contact a Sales Associate: Once you have narrowed down to a few possible locations, contact the Sales Associate Team Member at the phone number listed on the community page or Contact Us to schedule a time to visit the community and model home.

Model Home Appointment: When you visit the Sales Associate at the model home, please be prepared for the Sales Associate to ask you many questions regarding your current living situation and future living needs and desires. These questions are necessary for the Sales Associate to assist you in choosing the right home plan, area, home site, and home features. While you are the only decision-maker in the process, our Sales Associates are very helpful in guiding you through the decision-making process. A few questions to consider in advance of your visit are the following:

  1. What is it about your current living situation that you like? What do you not like?
  2. Are any near term changes expected, like a new family member, a child leaving for college, or the need for a home office?
  3. What is a comfortable budget for you for monthly home payments, including mortgage payments, insurance, taxes, and HOA?

By considering these few questions in advance, you will be well on your way. If you have not already obtained a pre-qualification from a lender, we will be happy to put you in contact with one of our approved lenders to help establish which level of home investment best fits your current budget.

Once you found your dream home and established an acceptable investment amount, your Sales Associate will prepare your purchase agreement and the building process will begin.

Building Your Home

Loan Commitment: Once you have completed your purchase agreement and Adams Homes has signed the agreement, your next step will be to work with your lender to secure a loan commitment. Adams Homes will often require a loan commitment prior to moving the home into the permitting stage. After you have received the loan commitment and Adams Homes has commenced with your home, you will need to continue to work with your lender to release any contingencies to your loan commitment. * Helpful Hint: Often a loan commitment contingency will require a re-examination of credit prior to closing; if you have had any late payments or purchased any large items on credit since your loan commitment, you could lose your loan commitments from your lender.

Permitting Your Home: After Adams Homes has received your loan commitment, the permitting process will begin. The process includes the following activities: ordering construction documents, survey of the home site, permit application, municipality plan review and zoning review, energy calculation review, and other activities that vary by municipality. During this time, homebuyers are often very anxious and concerned as to why their home has not broken ground; please be patient during this period. The length of the permitting process can vary widely depending on municipality.

Construction of Your Home: Once the permit has been received from the municipality, Adams Homes will assign the supervision of the construction to one of our Superintendent Team Members. The Superintendent will meet with your Adams Homes Sales Associate to discuss your home and purchase agreement. The Superintendent Team Member will discuss and schedule the construction activities with our Trade Partners, conduct quality assurance examinations, and schedule the home for inspection by the building department. Your Adams Homes Sales Associate will contact you regularly to inform you of the progress of your home, answer any questions you may have, and schedule any jobsite visits you request. If you have any questions or concerns about this process prior to purchase or during the process, please Contact Us.

Home Orientation and Settlement

As your home continues through the construction process, an Adams Homes Associate Team Member will contact you to discuss and schedule your Home Orientation and Settlement, including any remaining mortgage financing concerns.

The Home Orientation is conducted by a Superintendent Team Member and usually takes about two hours to complete. During the Home Orientation, the superintendent will explain your warranty, conduct a thorough review of the features of your home, explain some improvement activities, and conduct a complete “walk-through” of your home with you. During the “walk-through” stage, you will have ample opportunity to address any completion or ‘touch-up’ concerns. The Superintendent will compile a formal list of any of your concerns.

At the Home Orientation or shortly after, an Adams Team Member will contact you to schedule your Pre-Settlement Walk. The Pre-Settlement Walk should only take 15-30 minutes to complete and will be just prior to your Settlement. At the Pre-Settlement Walk, all of the completion issues from your Home Orientation should be addressed. Adams Homes has a Zero Defect Policy* prior to Settlement.

Settlement will be administered by a licensed title agent or attorney who is able to address any concerns you may have. Settlement usually takes about an hour to complete. At Settlement, you will receive copies of your settlement documents, keys to your home, and other applicable items.

After Settlement Care

Shortly after you move into your new home, you will receive a Homebuyers Survey. The 3rd Coast Contracting / South Coast Construction Team would certainly appreciate any feedback you can provide – both positive experience feedback and improvement area feedback. At any time, if you have an issue with your home, please contact us by phone at the number listed at the bottom of the Division/Area web page where your home is located or at Contact Us. Also, please see the Warranty web page within Buildertrend and the Home Improvement Tips web page under the Homeowner Resources menu for more information.